Looking to the front of the classroom

The Floyd School is an excellent example of the one room school houses that once dotted Iowa County.  Show your children or grandchildren what a classroom was like years ago.

The starting date of the Floyd school is unknown, but it existed before 1848. The current build was build in 1886 and was used as a school until 1961.  The Iowa County Historical Society acquired this country school in 2008 and moved it from it’s location on Floyd Rd. in Iowa County to the museum site in the City of Dodgeville.

The Floyd School represents a success story of the last owner, the community. and a dedicated group of volunteers.  Together we have preserved a piece of the history of Iowa County country schools.

The  Iowa County Historical Society has more information available at the musuem.   This includes things like student & teacher lists, books, and artifacts.

Opened by appointment.
Please call 608-935-7694 to arrange your visit, or email us at ichistory@mhtc.net