Inside the Museum

Spinning Wheel
First look in...
A display case was moved to the west of the door.
Ida (Wright) Ruggles Clothing
Ida (Wright) Ruggles wrap
Crocks & Such
Sawle Corner & Grandfather Clock
Round Plate
Sawle hutch
The Farm Corner
The Farm Corner Up Close
The Archives
The archives hold the files, microfilm, and genealogies.
The south west corner of the museum has long been known as the farm corner. That display is bring rotated out. Here Scott Berryman is beginning the process of carefully removing the display so it can be placed in storage. We plan on using the corner to tell the story of Iowa County.
Jeff Luitjens, Scott Berryman and Stephan at work removing the timbers of the old farm display.
Stephan, Henry and Noah at work.
Henry helps Janette move items.
Drew Freese and Noah Luitjens takes a moment for the picture. Drew and Noah were buzy during the day.
Noah Luitjens, Drew Freeze, and Henry Luitjens lend a hand moving items at the museum.
Boy scout troup 357 leand a hand in the moved. Many hands makes the work go faster.
The southwest corner will include a history of Iowa county.

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