Along with the immigrants who were miners, also came men that were stone masons. Often friends that worked together in Europe came as a team to work in the Wisconsin Territory.

     Two Dodgeville masons were Thomas Carkeek and his friend Samuel Cornelius. They emigrated from Redruth, Cornwall. They first built a stone cottage for each their families in the area later known as Minersville. One of their next buildings was the stone school house on North Bequette. This building was built in 1853. Then came the building of the Iowa County Courthouse. The Courthouse was begun in 1858. One of their last projects was to design and build the slag furnace on Spring Street in Dodgeville. The slag furnace was built 1876. Some of their co-workers were the following masons: Thomas Perkins, Thomas Davey and Charles Paull.

     In the town of Mineral Point there were seven nationalities of stone masons. Each built within their own country’s style for the time period.  “AUSTRIA: Lontz Lounge; CORNWALL: Phillip Allen, Richard Bowden, William Bowden, James Carbis, Abraham Goldsworthy, Cullen Goldsworthy, Richard Goldsworthy, Richard H. Goldsworthy, William Goldsworthy, John Jenkin, Samuel Jenkin, John Penberthy, Christopher Strike, Richard Thomas, Sampson Thomas, and John Toay; ENGLAND: William Batten, James Charles, Phillip A. Charles, William J. Cox, Joseph Francis, Richard Hammill, Anthony James, Christopher Strang, and William Tink; FRANCE: Anthony Barlow and Nicholas Hoell; GERMANY: Joseph Branger, Conrad Burghardt, William Hupperts, John Reider, Alois Schaumber, Joseph Stude, Henry Walthaus and William Yurick; IRELAND: Patrick Moleag; SCOTLAND: John Thodom; INDIANA: Andrew Hampton; NEW YORK: James Johnson; PENNSYLVANIA: James Robb; and WISCONSIN: James Hoare.” Stone by Stone, author Audrey Parkinson. (available in our bookstore)

The stone church in Ridgeway is named Grace United Methodist Church. The masons that built it were named Theo Kramer and Eric Erickson.

There was a Welsh stone mason in Wyoming Valley named David Timothy. He was the head mason who built the Thomas stone barn in Barneveld.

Stone masons at Taliesin included: Alfred Larson, Hank Larson, Chas. (Charley) Curtis (master mason), Phil Volk, Hiram Stuart, and Paul Holmes.

Mr. Simon Boley was the mason who worked six and half days on the foundation of the Pleasant Valley School, about 1913.

Two stone masons from Highland are Marion B. Pierick and Dick Laufenberg.

August Arndt was a stone mason who worked in the Barneveld area.

Joseph Branger, who was from Prussia, worked as a stone mason in the Dodgeville area.

Leonard Leigh was another of the stone masons in Mineral Point.

George Kendal was a stone mason for the Avoca area.

Frank Gutweiler was a stone mason in Pulaski Township.

Jim Jewell’s book on the Cornish listed several stone masons: Phil Allen, Phillip Allen Jr., Richard Bowden, James Carbis, Samuel Cornelius, William Cox, Samuel Kenkin Sr., Colan “Cully” Goldsworthy, James Hoare, R. J. Penhallegon, James Polkinghorn, John Toay, Christopher Strike and Richard Thomas.